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We love to work with creative brands to find solutions for future-oriented sports business cooperations. Related with open-minded interactions with regard to sustainability.

We are interested in B2B matchmaking collaborations in order to use capacities and synergies for an innovative and successful future sports business.

Our experience is tuned to provide premium partnership service and products.

Alone you are strong, together we are circular!


sports business solution

revolutionary sports business through gloveboost goalkeeper glove care


Credo: ”Best goalkeeper gloves need best care.”

Besides technology and fit, the materials used in goalkeeper gloves are essential. Especially latex palms should be treated and cared.

The premium care series consists of 2 products made in Germany. Both products match perfectly to protect, rebuild and restore latex palms in all conditions.


A goalkeeper glove cleaner concentrate for all modern goalkeeper latex gloves. A soft and mild detergent to remove dirt and sweat to refresh palms entirely.

Content: As a concentrate, SUPER WASH is extremely economical. Due to the low dosage of 5 – 7 spray shots, one bottle of 200 ml is sufficient for approximately 50 glove baths. OECD-Screening Test: readily biodegradable


A premium grip enhancer gel for providing an extra portion grip boost on moistened quality latex palms. Dosage: 1 – 2 hazelnut-sized portions before and during the match.

Content: 140 g Grip enhancer gel in a flip-cap tube. The instant-technology makes it quickly absorbed on moistened palms.

GLOVEBOOST - Sports Business Solution
Future Sports Products Sports Business Solution

future sports products

sports business solution

unique sports business through future sports products


When talking about the revolution for future sports products, digital technologies are the parameters that define design. The boundaries between real and virtual products are blurring. Digitization and individualization are set and guide us in a new way to create sustainable sports products.

We support your brand with future-oriented solutions for a successful sports business:

1 – We support you holistically in your product developments for future-proof sports collections. A resource-saving design process solution is Digital Prototyping. Here we shorten all product development cycles by up to 50 %.

2 – We put your Virtual Prototypes of 3D sportswear, 3D athleisure and 3D soccer balls in the limelight. Surprise your audience at the POS with market-ready animations and 360° views.

3 – We strengthen you in the Mass Customization business with a stable SaaS platform / software solution that we integrate into your online shop. Models created by customers are lead directly to production with one click. The key factor is data are immediately production ready. There is no need for additional reworks on customer specific models.

4 – We design Future Fashion with or for you. The use of organic / recycled fabrics and novel recyclable materials as well as eco-colors are a matter of course. Our creative service ranges from design graphics to ready-to-wear. 

sportswear creator

sports business solution

proven custom sports business through products on demand


Sportswear is moving away from a uniform look. Customers want very individual products because of different needs.

A Mass Customization is optimal to fulfill such demands. It combines customer-specific sports products with the monetary advantages of mass production.

How do we rethink sportswear in the age of internet & industry 4.0?

Individualization is a global trend.

We decided to work closely with a professional programmer team to develop this ultimate Mass Customization Solution.

Suitable for individual sports and team sports. We were challenged by offering a unique easy-to-use SaaS software solution for brands, factories and customers providing results in real-time, in a high definition and in 360° views. Optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone.


A seamless customer journey to close gaps between brands, factories and customers.


Adapted to your requirements – number of sportswear models & sizes, configuration steps and period of usage.

Trikotkonfigurator, Sportswear-Creator, Teamsport-Konfigurator Sports Business Solution
Fashion Creator Sports Business Solution

nizeshot v.a.l.u.e.s

truly eco textile solutions

mindfulness . appreciation . values .


Another passion are sustainable fabrics. It’s about honest textile products, people and the planet.

Mindfulness . Appreciation . Values .

High values such as trust, fairness and mindfulness run through all value chains. The result is something of lasting value that touches hearts. It is the resonating energies that are inherent in all textiles and thus leave positive values.

Products that are manufactured with understanding and years of knowledge in the highest professionalism. Traditional manufacturing methods are used out of conviction and thus preserved for future generations.


Since everyone involved in the value chain has to make a living from their work, nizeshot v.a.l.u.e.’s focus is particularly on fairness and transparency in manufacturing.


We are committed to ensuring that everyone’s contributions will are recognized and valued accordingly.

„The heart has its reasons which Reason knows nothing of.“ -Blaise Pascal

styled wash fun

sports business solution

complete sport business with new textile care products


The new project STYLED wash FUN – the functional textile care – is the solution for innovative textile care in future. We have developed this textile care series for highest demands in close cooperation with our German collaboration partner over several years.

Revolutionary fiber innovations dominate functional materials in today’s sports world. The parameters that result from circular and recycling processes complete the requirement profile of modern textile care detergents.

In order to preserve the enormous variety of different material properties in sports textiles, intelligent care products are required. With a focus on gentle fiber care, perfect cleaning and extending life-cycles – with the lowest possible wastewater pollution.

The new evaluation of textiles, the constantly growing fitness and lifestyle awareness have spurred us on to develop 2 luxurious textile care products.



Content: 600 ml with screw cap – Washing concentrates, therefore economical to use, for hand and machinewash, biodegradable

STYLED wash FUN | Sports Business Solution

alien custom soccer

sports business solution

reinvent your soccer team with unique planet friendly gear - created by you!



Pre-design collections are designed to inspire soccer players to break new ground in textile consumption.

We asked ourselves many questions, including: What can future soccer products look like in times of climate change? We live in a time when we are flooded with soccer apparel. We want that to change! For all of us and the planet.


Our answer is the innovative Alien Custom Soccer Creator, an easy-to-use online tool. Specially designed to simplify complex development and production processes – sustainability and self-expression in perfect symbiosis.
We close the gap between unique custom soccer products (DFL and UEFA guidelines compliant) and our factories. All Alien Custom Soccer products are good for the planet. All productions start only after orders are received.


„Unique as you are“